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My name is Valentin.
I was born in the French speaking part of Switzerland in the early 80's but I lived in Berlin nearly half my life.
I speak fluently French, English and German.
Professionally, I consider myself a digital craftsman and personally, a creative coder.

I am currently exploring the potential paths my career could take and updating my skills.
If you believe I can add value to your product and your company, please get in touch on LinkedIn.


Technical drawer

Architecture has been my first professional orientation and, in its essence, is still very influential.

Planning, describing and elaborating complex concepts while adding some form of elegance to it.

I learn technical drawing with pen and paper but got into 3D and coding with OpenGL in the early versions of design assisted softwares like ArchiCAD.


Multimedia Designer

I began creating with softwares like 3D Studio Max and Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash and the likes. Although I was still studying, it's around that time that I wrote my first invoices and started working on my first website and took the 'zeropaper' alias.


Trainee Web Developer

My Multimedia Design studies ended with as the first trainee of a company called Mediagonal (now liip). It's really during that time that I discovered Linux and used since then. I had the chance to learn from pioneers in their fields and I got my to face my first JavaScript challenge.


Web Developer

Moved to Berlin and worked for several years as a freelance web developer. Mostly with PHP at first, focusing on Drupal after a while., and Nitro Snowboards are among my favorite projects of that time. Although the period started on the back-end side, I gradually moved to the front-end side and started working with Sass (Compass), 96 grids and of course jQuery. And that I switched from SVN to GIT.

css, html5, javascript, sass, php, drupal, git, linux

Software Developer

@ MyDriver

I got convinced to take a position at a VTC start-up funded by Sixt but the experience cut short as they moved the whole development to an other location (and remote work wasn't a thing back in the days). However, it's during that time that I started using front-end frameworks like Backbone.js. It's about that time that I first used a JavaScript bundler like Grunt.js and wrote my first plugins for it.

backbonejs, gruntjs, sass, compass, jquery, git, linux

Core Developer

@ Camunda

Designing, developing and maintaining the UI of the Camunda BPM platform web-apps, documentation and blog. The major part of my work was published under an open-source license.

gruntjs, requirejs, mocha, jenkins, angularjs, bootstrap, html5, protractor, git, linux

Visual Fiha

Created an application for creative coders to generate visuals that can react to sound and can be controlled by MIDI devices. The application was published under open-source license and run without installation in the browser.

javascript, ampersandjs, webaudio, midi, git, pwa, cssom


@ Devugees - DCI

Teaching front‐end development fundamentals, writing exercises and establishing the curriculum for the students.

javascript, css, html5, travisci, react, sass, neutrino, webpack, git, linux

Senior Front-end Developer


Created a React Native application for the Berlin ice hockey team.

javascript, css, html5, react-native, expo, websockets, mobx, git, macos

Senior Front-end Developer

@ jobpal

In charge of the B2B dashboard (based on ReactJS) development and maintenance.

javascript, css, html5, redux, react, nodejs, mongoose, expressjs, jest, circleci, eslint, testing-library, webpack, aws, websockets, git, macos

Senior Front-end Developer

@ SmartRecruiters

My role at SmartRecruiters was to ease the integration of the software I created during my time at jobpal.

javascript, typescript, css, html5, redux, react, nodejs, mongoose, expressjs, jest, eslint, jenkins, testing-library, webpack, aws, websockets, git, macos

Senior Front-end Developer

@ GoStudent

During my time at GoStudent, I took over the improvement of the front-end repositories and the harmonization of their tools and code styling as well as drafting the technical specifications for the development of new features.

javascript, typescript, gitlab ci, jest, react, eslint, websockets, webpack, testing-library, git, macos