My name is Valentin and I am born in the french part of Switzerland in the beginning of the 80’s.

As I finished mandatory school I spend 4 years learning technical drawing in order to become an architect.
The profession was evolving and the first, fairly accessible, CAD softwares came on the market during that time. And while I learned a lot about planing, coordination, systems and construction, I also discovered computer graphics and created my first online portfolio of 3D works during these years.

It is during my multimedia concept design studies I started in 2001 that my interest for interaction and visual creation has developed.
Berlin seemed like a natural choice to immerge in a creative and technology enthusiastic environment after I graduated from EIKON.

After more than 7 years of freelancing experience mostly building websites, portals and an SMS based surveying tool for scientific researches, the Berlin based company Camunda convinced me to join their team of amazing developers.
My work in this company has been varied, from setting up complex build system to the elaboration of a consistant design for the webapps, software development kit, components library and websites of the company as well as end-to-end testing.
And best of all, most of the work I did at Camunda was published open-source.

The surge to learn new technics and stay professionally fit led me to leave Camunda after 3 years. Within a few month, I learned some of the newly added DOM features by creating an open-source, realtime audio analysis capable live-coding VJing software called Visual Fiha that runs in the browser and can be controlled by MIDI devices.

In 2017, an offer for a position of lecturer at Devugees picked my curiosity and I gave it a try. But realized that I actually prefer to learn, create and mentor when asked.

I began to work with the jobpal team in Novemeber 2018 and spend 2 years developing the interface which allowed to train and manage their chatbots, improving and maintaining most parts of the business back-end.

Two years precisely after I joined the jobpal team, the company got acquired by SmartRecruiters and I am now working on integrating the jobpal chatbot training user interface into SmartRecruiters.


In the early 2000’s most of my code was HTML and Flash. As XHTML came out I embraced the seperation of concerns and dived deep in CSS and JavaScript.

It felt natural to start learning functional programming with PHP, MySQL and I gained some experience with XML, RelaxNG and XSLT as the first trainee Liip (formerly Mediagonal) ever had.
It’s also during that period that switched from Window to Debian (and later Kubuntu which is still my favorite operating system).

It is when I arrived in Berlin in 2005 that I learned to use Subversion (SVN), started creating websites, custom themes and modules for Drupal and involving myself in its developer community.
In order to collaborate with other freelancers, I created an online development environment with Cloud9 (which didn’t belong to AWS at the time) on a personal server. During many years my front-end stack was mostly based on SASS and Compass, jQuery, UnderscoreJS and BackboneJS.

At Camunda I first had to create the tools to compile the CSS and JavaScript assets, learn AngularJS (that I really don’t like). On my free time and to balance the frustration, I built most of my personal projects (including the very first version of my VJing software) with the underrated AmpersandJS which was a sort of evolution of BackboneJS. I used it to do isomorphic code when NodeJS was still in its 0.10.x versions.
The UI library CSS that I built for the Camunda apps was based on Bootstrap and Less, compiled with RequireJS and heavily tested with Protractor. It also became clear to me that Swagger (now OpenAPI) is provinding a fantasic opportunity to ease the server / client exchanges in a RESTfull fashion and spent countless days on personal projects involving ExpressJS, PassportJS, Sequelize or Mongoose and

During my short time as lecturer, I used NeutrinoJS to reduce the struggle of my students at configuring Webpack.

I worked in a tiny designer company during 6 months and created an application for the Berlin ice hockey team fans with React Native.

It’s at jobpal that I could use my ReactJS and Redux knowledge and discovered the Material UI library on which the B2B application on.
It was a pleasant surprise to use JSS because my VJing software was already using the CSS object model to generate visuals.
I chose Jest and testing-library to write the tests of the front-end and I had to continue writing back-end tests with Mocha.
On my free time I made several attempts to convince my colleagues to use OpenAPI for more than documentation, reorganize the B2B application by moving the presentational components to a seperate repository and use Puppeteer to add some E2E testing and generate documentation automatically.
It was never done but I learned some new things.
It’s also during these years that I discovered Gatsby (that is used to build this website) and some GraphQL (still want to learn more about it).

Nowadays, I’m slowly but surely switching to TypeScript because the market asks for it. I’m also poking around Go and Rust in order to compile to WebAssembly and thus improve even more the performance of my VJing application.

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